NEW:  We have four (4) current clients who have requested monthly “maintenance contracts.” And so we have decided to offer this service for the three summer months only. July/August and September. Maintenance will include watering as needed, light tidying of debris in the garden beds and when we visit we will make note of gardening task items that we can do at our regular gardening rate and notify you of these items, so we can schedule work task appointments to complete your work. 

Our monthly fee is $150 for maintenance/watering. If the temps are over 86 degrees we will water daily, until there is a break in the temperature. A number of you don’t want or have time to water. Folks…..It’s simply essential in VA during the summer months. And most  of the time….your garden needs water every day. So think about subscribing to this three (3) month service contract with us. Just txt or email us with your permission to START. 

We now also accept payments via: VENMO.

Again you asked for it, so we have set it up for your convenience. Just ask us for LOGIN instructions. No more writing of checks or scrambling to get cash  

Progress…. We love it.
“Happy Summer!”



REVISED – SUNDAY- 6/19 – 7:22 pm 

So in the last two days we introduced Summer Maintenance   and watering contracts for July/August and September at a fee of $150 per month.

Four of our current clients are already signed up. They will pay by the month and we will water and tidy beds as required. If temps are 86 degrees and above we will come every day, until there is a break in the weather. While  at your garden we will do light tidying.  And make special note of tasks that need attention. We will keep a list for each client. When we think it’s time, we will then seek an appointment to complete “bed work” at our regular rate.

This summer it is going to be a very hot one. Many of you have new plants and bushes this year. We installed them. So for the sake of your expenditures, watering is absolutely essential to establish healthy perennials. They cost more but in the long run are a savings because they reward you with years of beauty. We are happy to help care for and preserve. Just give us a jingle and get on our list of clients who have already signed up for our maintenance and watering contract. You will be very pleased you did. 

Contessa” says….. it’s all good!

REVISED – Monday – 6/20 – 2:45 pm 

We just booked another client for monthly Maintenance and Watering. So five (5) of you are now on the list. It’s a blessing that we have you….and a blessing that you can rest assured your gardens during our hottest months will teceive the care they need. And it very much helps us in setting up new business,  with folks who are completely new to our services. Thank you very much.