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To Our Gardening Friends….

There will be no watering today….,as temps are only breaking 83. And there is a possible rain shower predicted.

On Sunday we will water thoroughly as it will be over 86 degrees… our threshold. And we are headed into “high” 90’s every day next week. So we want to get a head start in keeping your earth moist.

We do water your planters. But from experience, we find that in a matter of a few hours time they have dried out. PLEASE water your planters at least once MORE a day during high temp days. We will do it during our cycle with you, but if you want them to continue blooming and thriving please also water them, especially if the soil in the planterfeels dry to the touch.

Shortly we being month two (2) with all six of you. If your fee is due, please pay by check or you can use VENMO..

YOUR CHOICE… whatever is best for you!

If you want any additional bed services please let us know and we will schedule them now. Two of you have already scheduled appts for “next steps.” We appreciate your thinking ahead, as we are a one person “show” and notice is very helpful so we can serve you all in a timely manner….especially during these very high temp days. We currently work 7 to 1 or 2 pm. Watering and maintenance is an evening gig, mostly because it’s cooler and way better for your plants.

If you will be away during this next month….,it’s helpful if you give us your dates. As we will also keep an eye on your place. We are around and out-and-about every day in our community, so our extra presence can be helpful.

Thank you for your business and be assured we will do everything we can to care “well” for your garden.

The Garden Contessa