7 am and my Almighty God….thank you for giving me a rising sun on what will be a mild and somewhat cloudy 78 degree day. I will work in a few rain drops but the reprieve from high 90’s is so welcome. Thank you Father for this break in the heat. It has been a long stretch. I know it’s your season to send hot summer weather. I guess it reminds us to be grateful for all the days. Oh just to have another day of life and being. May I offer all of my day to you as I tend the garden for a Soul who is somewhat handicapped. Someone who try’s very hard and is working very hard to rehabilitate in her home. A very good soldier who is really stretching her body to do more every day. Please help her Lord to rely on your encouragement and your strength. She has faith, a true blessing. I try to help as time permits. Her garden is her paradise and I know she has communion with you in her little “oasis.”  We are kindred spirits and I ask that you be with us as we share productive gardening time today. In you holy and precious name……JESUS…. we honor you in our lives.

• Amen •