Week 5 and counting……

Resetting brick border; digging the brick trench deeper; raising the brick level, straightening, and removing weed protection sheets from the bed. A fabric which has two layers but in this clients case it’s not preventing them. So we are pulling it up. It was here when our client bought the property but it is so thick it’s making it difficult to plant anything new without taking it completely out. So sheet by sheet we are pulling it out.  Very hard work because a two inch layer of weeds has grown on its surface.   Its coming along.

Also digging up buried slate pieces and we will reset them  They actually help with soil erosion from the slightly sloped bed beginning in the far corner where there is a new underground drain.

Yes it’s  a project…..all right!  Back tomorrow

Making progress but will most likely be here all week

CONTESSA” says …..it’s all good

REVISED – Thursday – 7/28 – 3:07 pm we can go  we transplanted one mature Hosta today making three plants and some more of the weed protector sheets were removed.

We are taking a break. Once our resident decides what to transplant and what to purchase we will mist likely return to do that work and a final addition of the black mulch is needed….but we have accomplished a lot

Our homeowner likes good “aged” looking brick without holes so for now we’ve gone as far as we can go.  She will find them herself,  as she is particular about color and a certain look.  

We look furward to an ongoing relationship with our client  a knowledgeable gardener who wants to do more of her own work  but we will stop in to commiserate on next steps.

Here is today’s video:

We did reset/recess several of the brick today so that no one will trip if they visit her yard. A bit lower in the trench. Safety being important to our resident homeowner. We completed 8.5 hours this week. And we now break for a couple weeks.  Onward to two other pending projects. A nice four day break in temps so we might can get a few things planted.

It’s a wonderful location and a wonderful yard. She’s a lucky lady. So private back there. And her “back” is really her “front” as she points out,  since it’s an underground unit with a small front stoop area. Regardless,  it is a lovely and very desirable location. And her beautiful fig tree is a “stunner.”