Aug 5

Job: 23:10

“Yet He knows the way I have taken; when He has tested me, I will emerge as pure gold.” 

These words spoken by Job during his time of extreme suffering offer us insight into our own times of hardship. Like Job’s, our persecutions and trials are by divine appointment. But we do not go through them alone – God keeps us by His grace and love as He trains and disciplines us. He is forever wanting to stretch us and build us up, and uses our trials to test us by fire.

What if we viewed every hardship as God’s perfect plan for us? This would give our trials a whole new meaning, wouldn’t it? Trials move us out of complacency and mediocrity to a stronger, purer faith. So ask God to give you the wisdom to see your trial as He sees it. If you will do that and trust Him in the process, you will emerge as pure gold!


Jesus  I am here. I have places to go, people to see and things to accomplish. Stop!  Because I know that no appointment or commitment or daily task is as vital to my being and my welfare as my appointment with You!

YOU alone bring me to my knees, you alone know my heart and my thoughts.  YOU alone give me exactly what I need. You alone are with me whenever I reach for you or call out to you

Jesus….you alone are my divine appointment. This Friday morning I meet you on your terms. I listen, I pray, I adore thee. I want to hear your great plans for me. Plans to prosper me and not bring me to distress  I confess my hurried pace, my lack of patience to allow you to work in me, and to be very still….to listen for your quiet and steady voice. Forgive my haste. I give you now my open heart.  Calm me, hold me and forgive my sins. I am sorry in my heart for having offended thee. I wish to be yours to mold and to shape. I am clay. Take me and breath your life into me right now. In your holy and precious name…..Jesus…. Hear my prayer.  AMEN