Today we repotted houseplants. This  allows their roots to grow well…, in new and larger containers. We cannot let a plant die. It’s never happened once. We love having our house plants outdoors all summer, but it’s equally lovely and rewarding to bring them indoors.  We can always find a spot for them.

Once you remove them from the older and smaller pot, gentlybstretch they’re roots out just a little bit and shake off their old soil as much as you can. We recommend you discard the old soil and plant them in a fresh potting soil medium. Keep the top of the plant even with the top of their new container. This  might mean using more soil than you did when you first planted them. We do not recommend you plant them lower in the pot, just to save soil. They won’t grow to their potential if you skimp on new soil. It’s a process of allowing them to stretch out and grow more.  The process is so rewarding and We have never been disappointed by using this technique. Give it a shot. We think you will be pleased at your success. Enjoy! 

”Contessa” says…., it’s a good thing.