The Garden Contessa is pleased to announce that we have a robust “new client”  following, and we are just this week beginning our end of summer current client rotation. What does this mean?

Well first off….. it’s all about weeding your beds, derp edging them and tidying up your current plants ir transplanting ones you’d like in a different location. It happens. They grow too large for the spot they are in, or you like them so much you want to put them in a spot that is more visible. We  did accomplish all this for you early summer…..but, “the weeds are back” and we think a refreshed and new look can be “a very good thing.”

Our first transition job began yesterday. The bed seen in our video was chocker block full with weeds. Recent heavy rains added fast and furious weed growth. So this bed took us three hours to clear. The other half of the bed along the rest of the side of the property is more plant populated, so it won’t take quite as long. But with this fantastic temperature change it’s just glorious working weather. Please consider booking us to get your beds cleaned up to make your property look presentable, as we have one more month until fall. It gives your yard a fantastic tidy and lift, and it makes our fall clean up for you less time consuming.




• Starting Today…..8/16, we will no longer be doing this. We have discovered a much more efficient way to handle your yard refuse.

These products are easily purchased at Home Depot. Five bags at a cost of $2.67. And the best part is no more huge black plastic bags going to our PFX dump. We don’t use them but many resident’s do…..and so we all need to set an example of efficient refuse yard disposal. The crews have to unbag them and this is time. So…..we hear tell…. they much prefer these large paper bags.

We will bag them for you and two options are available. We can place them curb side for PFX pick up…

OR….we can bag them for you and place the bags near your vehicle. Then you can take them, empty them and bring the bags back to your home. We will re-use them.

Gardening Friends…. It’s about efficiency and saving the environment. And although we have been doing all this for all of you……”Contessa” will no longer haul trash. It’s time consuming, adding length to our day and it’s also uncompensated extra time. Plus it’s just plain and simple, hard on our vehicle, not to mention heavy lifting. We had to make this policy change. We think you are going to like it much better, and we will do our best to make it a hassle free transition for you.

We were at Home Depot today and they have a huge supply of five (5) packs. Again @$2.67 for five (bags).

We trust you will keep in mind the efficiency of paper over plastic and we wish to remind you of the fantastic benefit we all have of being able to have a local, in-house resource to handle all our leaf and yard debris. Please do your part to help keep our environment clean and sustainable.

Thank you very much,


The Garden Contessa.”