At our customers request we keep mixing up this bed. We love moving things around. Too many Hostas says our lovely lady. So today we took out the two back center ones. They were carefully removed rootball and all. We placed them on a huge empty plastic mulch bag and are hopeful one of our gardener type residents will adopt them. In their place we added a blooming shade lover that quivers in a breeze and has blooms that look like castle spires. They are ethereal. We love Astilbe. Huge variety of colors available and they cluster. 28 to 24” and bushy near the soil. Very nice. Our homeowner let us pick them out. We made room for three on each side but only purchased one each. She approves…. so when we complete our October Pansy install she wants us to install two more on each side of the centered Hydrangea.

Once again this garden bed is looking pristine. It was a beautiful day to garden and we were in heaven. Outdoors and working and creating and accomplishing. It doesn’t get better. A great four (4) hours here today.

The gaps in our garden bed will be filled in with Pansies and today we added smallish purple and yellow Mums. One each.

Contessa” says…. It’s all good!