Exodus 20:9

“You have six days in which to do your work, but the seventh day is a day of rest dedicated to me.” 


Today I need to rest my body, recharge my emotions and refocus my spirit. God intended for me to work. But if we are going to do our best, He also wants us to rest

Sunday is a day to be quiet and rest. To enjoy the comfort of your nest, to reconnect with your precious relationships. Take a reflective walk, sing hymns to yourself and in doing so….you are honoring your God. Read scripture. Think about how you can really reconnect today with your loving creator.

Pray and thank God for your many blessings. Showing gratitude brings a humbleness of spirit. It helps you to open up your heart and your spirit to a conversation with Him that is pure, and ready for His presence right then with you alone.



Dear  Lord, help me to make every Sabbath about you. Quiet my heart, give rest to my soul, and refocus my spirit. I know that true renewal comes only from you. Holy Spirit please help me to be intentional with my time and worship, and encourage me to find rest in you alone. In Jesus’ name I humbly pray. 

• Amen •