The outside of the courtyard is complete……

Now to get inside the courtyard and trim. Also included will be the tall Boxwoods. Towards the bottom I’m taking off three inches. This will allow for tidying in and under when PFX comes to trim them. Otherwise all the cut debris lays there, dries out and blows all over the patio. Makes for a very untidy patio and very messy garden beds. And once the bushes inside have been trimmed back,  then I’ll finalize tidying the planted beds.  Added we’re all new Perennyals this year.

I stopped the deep edge at the end because our owner thinks the neighbor might think he’s encroaching. I’ll convince him otherwise. That neighbor never uses his patio and frankly I’m guessing he will never even go out there and see it. 

It’s looking pretty fresh we think. And we raised the bed slightly by creating this deep edging, all that soil was tossed up into the mounded bed. It gives such a professional appearance. So far we have five (5) hours on this outside border phase

Please do stay tuned to our accomplishing the trimming and tidying inside this lovely courtyard. This is a really nice property and every day it’s looking better. We are very pleased so far.

Contessa” says……it’s a good thing.