…… that my gardening projects are where my life is at its best. How can I thank my Lord and Savior enough. My “little birdie” tells me things through silent encouragement, along with my God’s everlasting help. I am honored to serve. 

I am the recipient of untold natural blessings in my gardens. My plants, my creatures, the butterflies,  the birds, the dogs who walk by, and the folks I work for.  Each person I care for, are also people who I pray for. I need them and we need each other. What a blessing. We are fulfilling Gods intention for your world. All of us here on earth are about sharing life and earthly tasks.

My Prayer

Dearest Lord…..,I do hope We honor you in all that we do together, because frankly, nothing else really matters.

Thank you Lord for my fruitful life in my gardens. I only wish to honor and serve you always. Amen

PS…. and thank you so much to “my little birdie,” for being my “forever” inspiration and gentle encouragement.