Yesterday I spied one little Caladium leaf in the dirt nuzzled up almost inside a Hosta. All by its lonesome. I gently pulled after making a small dig in the dirt. It gave way….root in tact. I took it home and believe me…. you will see I will make a plant out of it. 

REVISED – Wed – 9/21 – 8:22

Ah…ha’  I knew it  My one little Caladium leaf was doing  its own “thing,” growing under the dirt  Here it comes. Once I get two or three leaf sprouts I’ll move it to a planter. It never ceases to amaze me, at what one leaf can do. It’s so thrilling  I’m saving another plant.  COOL


I did this recently with a fern that was down to one (1) frond. It’s now in a planter with six (16) fronds and two new on the way. In October I will plant it in the ground outdoors. It has enough stability now that I think it will make it through the winter and come back in the spring. A small miracle.

I’ve told my gardening clients…. I’ve never killed a plant  The good news is…. nature will inspire you if you will let it rebound and thrive.  Care for it and give it a little bit of time.

So why would I bother with one alive leaf.  It’s my God given talent. HE breathed life into me and gave me this talent. We all have them. So think about your talents and take action that your Lord and Savior God will surely bless you with His Grace.

You and I have gifts to give to Him and to others. Share to make our world better. These are the little things that matter. And most importantly…pause right now, bow your head and give thanks to Him. Jesus….is waiting to hear your thanksgiving.

I wish you all a beautiful Saturday morning


…. my dear Jesus  I call you now. Thank you for my talents. I wish to use my talents in the best way. You alone will guide me and give me new inspiration. May I honor you today as I now serve my patrons in their gardens.  Gardens where more than plants are growing.  I’m planting seeds you have given me.   Your seeds of hope and everlasting joy.  Thank you Father…..AMEN

Contessa” says….it’s all good.