Our property here has a slight slope on the side if the house bed outside the white fence. Many invasive weeds travel from the top of the slope jumping  from the weedy are just outside the adjacent building laundry room bed. We’ve requested help with this area so many times. That bed by the laundry room is infested. It’s been allowed to just grow randomly. This causes weeds to grow and climb/jump into the bed we are working on today. At least three times  a year we pull all the weeds and lay fresh mulch.  And because of the slope…. we created two rock stop-gaps to help keep the mulch from eroding down this area. The mulch is very important because it does help to keep some weeds at bay.

Our homeowner is slightly frustrated  in trying to persuade our community to provide a permanent solution. We do our best to help keep it looking as good as possible.

I’m sure a few of you have experienced this. We do live in a very woodland area. And frankly this does make our community a very unique and beautiful place to live. But that intersection between the two buildings has needed a “fix” for a long time. Our new GM even came to look at it. But so far no big solution. Priorities. We are patient and hopeful.

We still have Rose of Sharon about ten (10) ft tall to remove inside the fence. We are hopeful to get this  accomplished yet this week. Stay tuned .

it was a mild and comfortable morning for working. We enjoyed thus  accomplished task. Feels good to complete this work

Contessa” says….. it’s all good