Pruning all bushes between now , and by the end of the first week in October, is your window of opportunity. We have been trimming bushes especially Roses, Hydrangeas and Azaleas the whole month of September and October. We are close to the end of October so if you need to still prune it’s time to do it. We do not recommend pruning into November. It’s getting too late in the season as the roots of your plants have mentally begun their growth process for “spring,” “Fair Warning.”

When you prune, you are giving a signal to the bush….that it has permission now to grow new branches and leaves, and in the case of Rose bushes, they usually give you a full robust blooming phase in October and even into November and December.  It’s amazing that they do love the sunny but chilly autumn days. If there is no early frost, Roses can bloom even into December. It’s kind of a last “hurrah” before winter arrives. Pruning “now” gives all your bushes the rest of the month of October to show you their stuff. Growing can be strong during October. And this new growth will be nourishment for your bushes to protect them from the real chill of winter.

Sooo…, get busy in the next couple weeks to prune and trim your bushes. They are waiting for you to relieve them of their older growth, left by summers heat.

We are here to help. Book an appt NOW!

Contessa says…. You have our permission to prune and if you feel afraid, just get in contact with us and we’ll do the job for you. We are most Happy to help. You will be thrilled with the results. We are certain.

Below are Rose Stem cuts. 

And in the case of all other bushes, cut back at least six (12 inches), and make the “diagonal”’ cut right before the next branch with leaves intact. When pruning Hydrangeas look for a “growth nub” on your stalk. Take the spent flower blossom and proceed down the stalk about 12-15 inches. Right in front of the nub cut diagonally. And while you are at it get down on the ground and examine the bush for dead stalks. Take them down to the ground. They are keeping your bush from growing.

“Contessa” says…., it’s all good!

NOTE: We are booked this week, but a bush trimming session can only take about an hour. We are happy to squeeze you in.

Do enjoy fall. It’s such a beautiful time of year. If you are caught up on your gardening tasks maybe take a nice walk today. The air is crisp and surprisingly……the sun has come round. Enjoy!!