A new week starts Tomorrow…….

In The Dirt……my remembrance of why I’m here. My profession, my calling, my joy and my happiest place.  I thank my creator for all my blessings especially my time in the dirt.

Please look for our newest gardening Ad in the October PFX Forum Newsletter. It should be out this week. We are offering site visits to the nursery to select plants. And in fact, we are headed to the nursery on Tuesday to purchase five (5) Skip Laurel bushes with one of our great current clients. And we are buying bulbs. These visits are an extension of the work we do for all of you year round. Lately you are taking advantage of our 30-minute FREE gardening consult. You have questions. We are thrilled you want to learn. And you have asked often about what to plant. This thrills us, as we hope once we do a “fall or spring cleanup” for you, you will be inspired to do more. Learning about your landscape and the plants that will compliment your taste and your surroundings is so fun. And truth be told, we are honored to encourage you to beautify your area. This all comes together when our wonderful community takes on a new life with each homeowner getting involved in beautifying the wonderful area in which we all live.

Our weather is finally breaking. This week coming is looking very promising. Lovely fall days mid-week are ahead. Our Mt Eagle client is purchasing bushes during our nursery visit this week and the later half of this week we will do her install. She has already booked us because she knows we are busy.

Anything…. you want to “plant” needs to be planted by no later than October 31st  

Mid-week we are going to have temps back in the 70’s so make your plans now to get things done in your yard. Fall is fast approaching. Enjoy a beautiful week as our rainy period moves out.  Oh my…..sun on the way back. It’s a blessing.  Good soaking rain and then sunshine. It doesn’t get better.

We still have “open”’days in October for booking time with us, but we are filling up. This week and the last week in October are booked. So call and get on our calendar now.  We look forward to talking with you.

On Tuesday, while at the Merrifield Garden Center,  we will be selecting and purchasing bulbs to plant. Please do let us know if you want to order now. We are happy to schedule a bulb “install” for you. So far we have five (5)! clients to buy for. And we are happy to add your order to our list and book your bulb install.

Call us….or txt us at 703-548-1882. it is our pleasure to help you and to serve you.


CONTESSA” says….. it’s all good!