This video shows an early fall clean up of three weeks ago when we were asked to remove the eight Hosta that filled in the back area of the flower garden bed. So we took them down, anticipating their eventual return in the spring. When we finished this clean up we covered the area with mulch to make the project clean up look finished.

During this past week our client made a decision to look at new perennial bushes for the Hosta location.

So we made a date to visit the nursery on Sunday. While there she found a lovely bush that she really liked. We purchased five (5) bushes.

Today  we dug up all the Hosta root balls and prepared the soil and the pretty deep holes as these were 3 gallon containers. We purchased two, 1 Cu Ft bags of organic garden soil to place in the holes, we loosened all the root balls and planted the bushes. It was quite a trick, as there were plenty of larger tree roots in that location. But we think we picked good locations for all five bushes. We think they are nicely appointed to “show off”  their beautiful flowers and variegated foliage. We think they look lovely. 

We purchased one bag of mulch to finalize and spread Blood Meal around all the bushes to keep the squirrels at bay from  digging….,to bury their nuts. ha!

To wrap up we watered using a Miracle Grow Plant Food water wand.

Everything is looking just great. 

It was a lot of fun and while there we had several passers-by who had comments. A nice weather afternoon. 69 degrees and cloudy. GREAT gardening weather.


“Contessa” says….. it’s all good.