You have seen a photo of this spot before in a previous post, as i posted it last week in a collage of fall. My intent was to stimulate you to take a lovely solitary fall walk in the woods or along a stream, or along a country road. It is a fall walking path that inspires me to find a path of my own.

I have yet to take a physical walk along a fall path this year. But I am planning to do this on my weekend coming up. I hope you have a place near you, a trail through the woods or along a lakeshore, a park or an open grassy field. If you can find a path and are lucky enough to visit it weekly you will gain a new appreciation for the changing season and likely see things you have never seen before.  In fact, the big fall picture can be so beautiful…. but think about looking for the little things on your walk in “your path.” You may become overwhelmed at the beauty of Gods changing fall season. The tiniest bird, the rustle of the leaves as you shuffle through them, the sounds of birds in a wooded spot. All of nature is so worth seeing, listening too and really hearing.

I personally find that “the path” I choose often leads me to wonderful reflection. I think on the light and sun as it sweeps through the trees creating shadows. I think about the small noises of creatures making their way to find a food source or their partner. I feel the breeze and see how it moves the leaves, and I observe the trees making sounds that you know are fall sounds.

Be still now…and hear God calling you. Gods calling your voice and calling your heart to ponder all of His creation.  These simple nature walks can enliven your inner spirit and bring you the opportunity to “communion” with Him while you are “walking on your path.”


….. my Father God in stillness I come to you now. I open my heart, my eyes and my soul to share a special time with you. Your creation is so amazing and I am so blessed to see it, to hear it and to be in it. Thank you for my full life. Thank you for blessed time with you in this very moment. Thank you my Lord, that I can appreciate yet another of your   beautiful fall seasons.  Thank you for “my path.”

• AMEN •