On Thursday we began a front yard clean up and final fall tidy at this corner property. Beds are looking pretty rough. Lack of water was tough this summer,  even though we watered the property a lot as our client subscribed to our summer maintenance and watering plan

The yard and her beds are packed full  of Pin Oak leaves, the front hedge needed trimming, Pansies we’re suffering from leaf suffocation and the squirrels were eating their flowers, and her two new Gardenia’s are very much struggling to survive. We aren’t sure why. Anyway, we plan to carefully  cut them back today, and we are hopeful for renewed growth next spring. We will trim carefully, add new garden soil around the base and mulch well.

The best news is that her two Camellias that we planted last spring are just blooming now. So very pretty. They are smallish bushes, but will grow more this year. She is so excited and so are we.

Headed there first thing this morning to complete and ready her sweet yard for winter. Our pleasure.

Stay tuned. We will post final video later this afternoon.

Contessa” says…, it’s all good!

REVISED – Sun – 11/13/32 – 2:38 pm 

Continued Progress

Close to completion. But about 1.5 hours more might do it. We still have mulch to spread;3 bags, and a Begonia and Geraniums to pot up to bring indoors  for the winter months. We brought them in last year for  our client and they produced amazingly well this summer, so we are going to go for it once again. Making our homeowner pretty happy to “save” and replant next spring. It’s a savings ….but more than that,  it’s the gardeners challenge we are interested in. Its so fun to watch a plant live the winter in its dormant phase indoors, work to keep it healthy, and then to plant it up once again for spring “re-growth.”’

We have 7.5 hours in this  project and we are booked on Monday at another location, so we will return on Tuesday to wrap it up. Today we  went by to water everything well near the roots/ground because a pretty chilly cold snap has moved into our area. And while at this, we stopped  at the homes of our other “maintenance clients” just t check on the status of their plants too. So far, everything is looking pretty good.

If you can… check back with us to see the completion of this project. It’s been fun, and great to tend and care for each plant individually,  in our “ladies” lovely garden.

Happy Sabbath Day!

Now….take the time to relax and rest for the remainder of our “Lords special day.”

…..and on the 7th day He rested !


(REVISED) Tuesday – 11/15 –  4:53 pm 

Today we  completed this 8.5 hour project. The final laying of three, 3 cu ft bags of mulch, watering all and using our leaf blower for a final property tidy. It’s looking really good. Each plant and bush had new soil put around it. Dead or dried out branches and flower buds were removed. Rose bushes treated with Neem Oil to prevent any pests, coffee grounds added around the Hydrangea, because they love it for good growth,  and finally, Blood Meal compound added around all the plants to deter the squirrels from digging to bury their nuts. ha!

We love this yard which has come a long way, and we love this client. Easy to do work for and she trusts us. It’s pure pleasure to work for her. And now we are good until about March. We will stop by periodically to keep her deep outer edging defined and clear of all debris. It just provides  a clean and finished look to any yard that we take care of and us fantastic  “curb appeal.”

The last thing we will do for her this year is string her mini tree lights (with a remote) on to her two mini trees in the Urns. And we help assist her with mailing all her holiday parcels.

it is good to serve…. and to help others who need a little extra assistance during the holiday season.  Our pleasure and our personal blessing.

Contessa” says…’s all good!