Our repeat client had us around mid-summer to tend to new bushes that needed shaping. The beds needed new soil, the Hydrangeas were performing poorly and the hew Camellia’s were tall and very lanky. And so we did some trimming and shaping. There was an very old Hydrangea that had been neglected, so we took a chance and cut it back pretty far. Happy to report its doing so much better. Often cutting them back can retard the blooming process but it was in pretty rough shape so it was worth the risk. Looking at it today , four months later we are pretty sure it’s going to be just fine

Today we weeded, added new soil to the entire bed, cut back the large crop of Iris so they will produce new blooms in the spring, and planted a dozen Pansies. We basically cleaned up the whole bed.

We we very hopeful that spring will bring healthy and prolific  bushes.

We cleaned up the  breezeway and in and under the hedge dividing our clients property from the neighboring residence.

Four  hours today and it’s looking so much more healthy and clean. Fingers crossed, for the great growth of everything ….after the winter months. Our pleasure and our homeowner seems quite pleased.

It was a beautiful weather day. Cool but sunny and crisp. So nice to serve this repeat client who has no time to tend her garden area.  It was our pleasure to help.

Contessa” says….. It’s all good!