Today I picked up just a few last minute items to make a couple dishes for a small dinner on Thanksgiving Day.

I will make a couple dishes I have not had for years. Things I helped to make when I attended family celebrations on family Thanksgivings. As I shopped I observed the festive decorations at the store where I was shopping. All kinds of desserts available, super plentiful kinds of vegetables and large and beautiful varieties of squashes and pumpkins. There were freezer cases full of frozen turkeys, and many kinds of breads available for making turkey sage stuffing.

I will be preparing a few traditional favorites, but in smaller quantity. You can only eat leftovers just a few days and then you are ready for a change of venue.

As I retuned back to my kitchen and began to unpack my two bags of food items, I could not help myself, but to pause, lower my head in praise and in great gratitude. How thankful I am for this food provision and for my work. The work in my gardens that provides funds for me to purchase these thanksgiving fruits. I am very grateful and ready to give and to share.

My God…..thou art Great,

My God….thou art Good, 

And I humbly thank You 

For this generous provision, 

 and this Thanksgiving Season.

Amen…. and again I say… Amen!