We are thrilled to serve you and to help expedite good service for you, so there are a few supplies you will need to order in early 2023.  We order most supplies on Amazon. It’s efficient and in almost all cases they provide a good cost savings.

For a couple years we have been ordering for you, but with more of you each year, we can no longer carry and store gardening products for you in our vehicle.

This list is fairly universal for all of you.

• Blood Meal

Needed for planting anything. It’s the final touch after planting. It keeps rodents, squirrels and insects at bay. It has a peculiar odor, but it does prevent pests from bothering your garden. Roughly $12.99/bag.You will most likely use two bags per spring/summer/fall season. Think about this and plan ahead. Please! 

• Miracle Grow Fertilizer Wand

A very good idea to keep a couple on hand  Generally a perfect time to use your first one is in late July. Heat and sun start to wither your plants and their vibrant color begins to fade. This product gives your plants a boost. And it’s also a great product to use after you complete your last fall clean up and your bulb planting is complete.

• Neem Oil

Most of you have observed tiny holes in the leaves of your plants during the summer. Neem soil is a gardening essential. It’s kind of like having Tylenol in your medicine cabinet. It is sprayed all over the area where the plant meets the soil, and also over all the leaves. Generally applied generously every three weeks. As a gardener you should not live without it.,,,,so buy a spray bottle and if a refill 1/2 gallon bottle is available, think about purchasing it as well.

• Paper Refuse, 3 gal size, garden bags. We recommend you order them from Home Depot or pick them up in 5 packs at the store for $2.67 for the five. Our new refuse policy is recommended by PFX. Very often our residents are taking large black trash bags to the maintenance yard, and they have to be emptied by our crews because the bags are not biodegradable. In our large community this is really a time constraint on our crew members. And if you purchase these paper bags we will fill them and place them curbside for PFX pick up, once we complete our work for you. It’s a win-win.

Lastly, every gardener should stock two types of soil.  Garden Soil and Potting Soil. We recommend one (1) cu ft bags, because they are manageable in terms of weight. It won’t break your back, but when you need it, you’ll have it. Very often you’ll go shopping for it last minute and end up spending more money than you need to, and you may end up buying the wrong kind. 

Both are available at our local nursery and run in the range of $10.99 to $$11.99 per bag  

We will no longer stock any of these items for you….so plan accordingly. We often end up using our own supply of these items.  We will no longer do so….at our cost. And so we are giving you a “”heads up” to prepare now for our next 2023 spring season. If you’ve questions we are happy to advise  just give us a shout.

Thank you….and we trust you will get yourselves ready for a new 2023 gardening season.  We hope this info is useful.

Contessa” says…. It’s all very good!