Are you all aware of what we call our “Contessa Signature Service.”

Our work for this fantastic client began on Tuesday and we carried over to Wednesday.  We worked a total off 7.5 hours. Our client usually has us four times per year.  So what exactly does a Contessa Signature Service include?

  • Weeding all beds
  • Redistributing soil and mulch around each planting
  • Trimming/ pruning all bushes
  • Deadheading all blooming plants
  • Amending soil as needed
  • Transplanting/relocations as requested
  • Deep Edging all bed borders (very important for esthetics,  but also it helps deter weeds from entering your beds. And it’s a very tidy look.
  • Cutting back all dead growth, so important for your plants to continue rewarding you with growth and re-blooms. It’s a manicure really. And it does take some time. But way worth the effort.  Plants love to be touched and shaped and nurtured. Believe me, you will very much notice when we manicure your plants. They will thrive.
  • Mulching beds upon request if you haven’t already done do. We highly protects plants during the winter and it gives a “finished” look to your property.
  • Raking all lawns, removing dead grass and rejuvenating new growth.  It works magic. Why do this?  All summer the lawns are mowed. This grass then sits on your lawn. Frankly smothering new growth. Raking if you haven’t tried it pulls up the dead growth. Try it and you will see what we mean. Amazing!
  • Complete Watering, and right down near your gardens roots. Blossoms only need a soft mist, but down near the toots is where the truth lies.
  • Final “Tidy”to the sidewalks

Our clients pretty much know the drill now and they completely rely on us to come, execute and “do our thing,” They trust us  They leave us to our work and usually they communicate by txt from indoors?  if they have requests or suggestions.

It’s our pleasure and we are pretty certain “their JOY.”

We love what we are doing…..and they know that we treat their work as if we were working in our own yard.  It’s personal with our professional approach.

So if you will….please take a few moments to read a summary of our contributions at this lovely double unit in our historic Condominium Community.

Please do contact us if you have questions or would like to book with us, for a 30-minute “free gardening consultation.”

As evidenced from last year, even when temps get chilly it’s not to late to complete a “Contessa Signature Service,” Some  folks even have us complete this in Dec January/Feb and March. Don’t hesitate to call and book. We always find a few days when temps are favorable and we can slip you into our schedule. “Give it a go.”

• ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• •


Our client has been on vacation twice this summer so her being away has meant it was definitely time for a tidy. She loves her garden and we think she calls on us more often than any client we have. Certainly glad to be her gardener. She loves her spot and we love it too. And with several seasons working for her now we have  her beds in such great shape. Very few weeds at all today. We have planted almost everything she has. This time of year things are dying back,  but so far only the Peony suffered a set back. It developed Powdery Mildew. We’ve treated it, but the best thing to do is to cut it back eventually, because the silvery/white blight just continues to spread. It doesn’t kill the plant but it weakens growth and so today we took it to the ground. We are hopeful for next years new growth.

We tilled all the soil today cleaned all the beds of damp leaves. It’s looking fresh again. And we raked the yard. Doing this….although a little extra work, removes all the dead grass from summers mowing and the dampish leaves. We also did some gentle trimming of everything. Uniformity is the goal. Plants will grow in strange ways sometimes and we always tell our clients that they should decide how they want the plant to grow. Remember….don’t let the plant decide. If you do this, you may end up with a very crazy looking plant

We think our clients yard is looking very fresh again.


Tomorrow we are back to take care of the side yard and transplant an established Hydrangea that is poorly located; moving it to a better spot on the the side of the property.

And in October we will visit the nursery together shopping to select and plant six (6) new Skip Cherry Laurel bushes as a border to the back yard, between our client and the neighboring property.

Skip Cherry Laurel t(bush/hedge)

In late Oct, early November we will complete our final fall/winter bed prep and mulch all the beds. And so……another gardening season completes itself for our wonderful four (4) year client. It is indeed our pleasure

Contessa” says…. It’s all good!



REVISED – Wed – 7:21 pm – 915

Yesterday we completed the front yard beds. Today we completed the side yard, and transplanted a smallish  Hydrangea from the back yard. It’s in a great spot now. More sun and an empty bed with room to grow. It can be nice. We’ll anxiously wait to see it’s progress next spring.  The bed was full of Vinca Vine, now all removed. We cleaned up the Iris bed but neatly left the leaves laying on the bed. These fronds are  next years vitamins/nourishment. And we totally cut down the Day Lily patch. It was spindly, sparse and weak looking. Hopefully it will fill in a little better next year. Finally we just went by to apply a liquid fertilizer treatment with a pump spray attached to the hose. One hour if nourishment can do wonders.
We are very pleased with this project. Tge good news is there were very few weeds this year which will make our a November final visit so much easier. Mostly leaf removal, till the soil and apply a final mulch treatment.

This yard has come a long way. We are very pleased. A great example of what a “Contessa” signature “Fall Bed Clean Uo”looks like.

“Contessa” says……. It’s all very good!