It’s time for a nature walk. I will rise early tomorrow and find a place. A place to clear my mind and find my soul. Nature calls me now.

It’s my comfort. It’s where I can really listen to creatures calling each other. It’s the earth and everything that grows. It’s the tall trees and their falling leaves. It’s the sun shining through the clouds. It’s the sound of the wind. It’s listening for the birds. 

i need to see and feel nature. How can I forget to do this. Too busy, too distracted and too focused on “things” and whats next. In nature it just happens. No plan. It does itself proud to be open, bare, exposed and beautiful. Often only seen by itself. But I want to go there. Tomorrow. I will. And I will go looking for the calm and looking out for my inspiration to capture pictures in my memory….to write about. And I will. Tomorrow…….