(RE-POST) Sat – 11/3 – 11:54 am

We just completed this “tidy and clean up” on Thursday. PFX Community Landscape our outside contractor, came late this year, due to a lot of rain and wind, and many of you still have yards that are not completely cleaned up.

A reminder: to everyone that we still have plenty of time as temps are still favorable to complete  “clean ups” for your yards. Waiting till spring just makes the process longer.  Surely you all have the need to tidy plants and beds from the summer/fall seasons. Please don’t hesitate to ask for an appointment. We are ready to help.  Weather is still favorable  

Our “special” client requested a tidy at 7 am this morning. It seemed out of the ordinary for her to txt so early. She has been in a panic about her new Pansies. Of note: she is not a gardener. But she bought her house and has wanted for a long time to have flowers. So towards the middle of the summer we planted up a few flowering annuals for her in planters. Not a garden per say…but some color and some blooms.  It sufficed.

Then in June she decided she wanted to remove all the Ivy and Vinca vines from her beds. So she trusted us to select and plant new Perennials. And in October when the Pansies arrived we selected quite a few for her. A tribute to her Mom. The garden looked so fresh and lovely. She was so happy,

Then in late October and into November we had tons and tons of leaves and rain. Her Pansy bed was suffocating and totally covered. She panicked.

Our community crews came about 12 days ago to blow leaves. A very windy day. They couldn’t make much progress so they left. Yesterday they finally came back to remove the leaves. By now her Pansies were buried. She called us early today to find out if we could get her cleaned up.

It really was a ton of leaves and the more the crews tried to blow them, the more the wind blew. The piles of leaves were knee high. It may not look like it, but in reality her pretty little Pansies were very well protected from rain and the chill and the wind. When we finished removing all the leaves and bed debris today…. Wow had the Pansies grown.  Each grouping was so tall they were laying on the ground. Green and blooming, but laying flat on the ground. So we had to complete a serious cut-back. Sad to say…. all the blooms and longer stems had to go….but with a good rain coming tomorrow, it will most likely only be about a week before she is back with her pretty Pansy bed. She is very pleased now and happy. And she is way more ready for SPRING!

Contessa” says…it’s all very good!