Today we visited Dyke Tidal Marsh, of the National Park Service. We saw very few birds today but the waters edge were clear and showed only small amounts of debris. We were mostly interested in the older and very large trees today. We did spot a Barred Owl. Up way high to photograph.

We will attempt to attach a few photos we took while strolling along the waters edge, catching lovely sunshine today.

We were looking for open space, fresh crisp air, peace, tranquility and birds and waterfowl.

We photographed very large trees in their pre-winter condition.

We did not see a single soul. ….lots of parked cars, but where were the people? Undoubtedly looking for peace and tranquility just as we were doing.

The habitat is highly bird populated but we were present mid-morning so we perhaps missed them in the very early morning. Nevertheless, it was a lovely morning.

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