Yesterday we were called to complete a final tidy for a garden that is very close to being ready for winter. Our client  is used to a very crowded bed….prior to us removing all the “green” crowding, and creating a flower garden. He was not mentally prepared for sparsely populated beds in the fall leading into the winter season. But we have prepared the beds gradually, so as to postpone the “shock” factor to his Psyche. He has now adjusted and we are about half way there, in completing populated flower beds. It’s coming along and in the spring, which we both look forward to…we will both look forward to adding new flowering perennials. It’s going to be fun to watch things return and to once again make plant selections. I must say he does his own research in to plants that he thinks he likes. And with our help….together we make the picks. Sun is a huge determining factor. But he is pretty specific about what he wants. We enjoy the process. And we of course have the delightful task of recommending placement and completing the planting. It’s rewarding….and I think that now as we prepare to enter year two together,  we will create an even more lovely Garden this year. He has a very nice spot and enjoys entertaining his friends and colleagues in his lovely garden “oasis,”  Very Nice, and we look forward to spring.

” says…it’s a very good thing!