Psalm 50:14

Offer to God a sacrifice of thanksgiving, and perform your vows to the Most High. 

My Father, my God, my Lord, hear my prayer,

I am so grateful for everything that you have given me. Thank you so much for loved ones in my life who really care for…..and about me, and who support my calling. I am grateful for your generous and faithful provision through my gardening. I Thank you for the many ways I am able to serve and give of myself to others through my blog communications and my gardening assignments. Thank you for your wonderful world where my hands can till the soil and plant the beautiful vegetation you provide. I am grateful for all the beauty and colors of your trees, bushes, plants and creatures on this earthly planet. Your skies are ever changing, giving us cloud formations, sunrises and sunsets and morning mists that fill your world with beauty and warmth and moisture. And your gracious rains come to cleanse us and all things green. My heart is so grateful and full. In reality, all of humanity is living in a very troubled world that is crying for your mercy. I am so fortunate to be in an area of relative plenty, peace and stability. I feel as though I could write a thousand books about your great world and all your goodness. My heart is brimming with prayerful thanksgiving.  I thank you for everything I am as a person and all the many inspirations, talents and gifts you bring into my mind and my heart. I do have many. I write about your many wonderful gifts and I’m certain you are calling me to write especially for you. I vow to please you my holy God… through my writings. I ask for your favor as I put words into form and declare to the world of your true mercy and goodness. You have made me who I am….and you have generously provided me with my new calling, to write for your greater glory. I lay my spirit in your loving hands.  

Oh God…..all of my being cries out…..thank you my Lord!

O Lord I pray….Amen!