How to get started? The holidays came. My gardening work came to a close on Friday, December 16th, a little earlier than last year, primarily due to weather., My momentum was triggered by personal preparation for the holidays, and well to be honest I felt like I needed a “break,”’ But for a self motivator that break has turned into a detour into procrastination. So now I will begin  transitioning my disciplined normal self, back to “getting started” again. It’s time to start writing in my New direction

I admit it I’m in a zone. I want to write but I have been writing for my blog for over ten years. It had been great fun and challenging to meet my personal deadlines and communicate to all my followers. Which is not a huge audience. Pressure to keep my gardening clients caught up on my latest gardening tips, and video editing of ongoing projects, whilst working jobs at the same time. This was my most busy year. I’ve completed and posted announcements about holidays, information about specific deadlines for completing certain gardening deadlines, keeping in touch with my audience about ETSY sale activity, yoga class updates and spiritual reflections aimed at my own self improvement, inner spiritual growth and keeping loved ones in tune with my activity  And now I am deciding to expand my writings. But what direction do I go, and do I start a new blog or continue with my current platform and just….matter of fact….just write and see where it takes me…with no specific plan in mind.

So today I happened upon an article;

Number #1…..Re-read all of the things you have already written 

#2…..Make a List

#3…..Read a Book

#4…..Outline your next story


#6……Ask a Friend

#7……Go for a walk or a run

#8……lock yourself in a room with no distraction except a piece of paper and a pen

#9….Shut Up and Write anyway

Hey…. I’ve just begun. Tomorrow I’ll start knocking off on this list and see where it takes me. Do Stay Tuned!