November, 2022 Issue

What’s your definition of “getting out into nature?” Maybe for you, it’s sitting on your deck in your very wooded neighborhood watching for the birds to come to the feeders you’ve placed around. Your favorite feathered friends love to come so they can grab a morsel. Or….is your favorite adventure a hike to a national park. Both of these experiences can bring you the sense of peace we all enjoy and deserve. Carve out some time to enjoy the bounty of nature. Your soul will heal and be lifted. Nature is so healing and it may come to you with a sense of “peace” that you deserve and were secretly seeking. 

If you are looking for that same peace and a soothing atmosphere indoors, bring nature into the house by having a few houseplants. Very often your very own mental health can be lifted in your “inner soul” by placing some greenery indoors. Plants can nudge your brain into mindfulness and they create a relaxing and cozy atmosphere in your personal space. All of us need this in the winter months, so that we can keep a “healthy balance .”

I myself bring about ten…end-of-summer plants indoors for the winter. I have taken a few pictures of examples of a few plants from the magazine that you might consider. Plants help to purify the air indoors….so consider one in each room.  Houseplants do make for a healthy and pretty home.  

Tomorrow I will feature the December issue. I thought it worthy to post today on a few features of the November issue.

(We regret the glossy cover photo, but the hard copy of this magazine is “high gloss” and difficult to photograph).

We cannot stress enough, the modest cost of a subscription to this quite informative publication, and if you wish to view it in person, we always offer to drop it by your location for a one week viewing. And then we can pick it up and pass it to another viewer.

Contessa” says….. it’s a very good thing!