76 years of life. I am not retired. I work. I own my own gardening business. I still earn a living. I am working at one of my passions and one of the special gifts my Lord and Savior has given me. I have several passions. My brain is curious about so many things and I have cultivated my various interests. So blessed am I.

I just listened to the nightly news,  I don’t like to. Because it digs deep at my soul. Why should I be so fortunate to live so long, to have work that I love, and the internal courage to keep learning, striving for success, caring for loved ones, caring well for my health and keeping fit.  I wonder why I am so “simply….blessed?”

My heart tells me to pray. My heart tells me to believe, my heart tells me to care. But this world is so troubled and I don’t know what I can do to help make it better. It’s overwhelming in my soul.

I am reaching out to explore a writing career. I want to use my life story in some way to give great hope to others. There are thousands of people hoping to do the same thing. So why would  I think that my story, or the way that I  might tell it, could change anything in this world. And why would  I think that I have the gift of writing.

These answers lay in my “calling.” Sometimes we have to try many things to reach our destination. I pray these days for a more clear direction. With Gods help I will proceed.

I pray…. oh my God, hear my prayer.  I know you are calling me. Amen