Day 1

36 degrees by 9:30 am on Thursday 12/29 and imagine that we are gardening today. It was in the mid/teens most of the days during the Christmas the earth is fairly cold  but only two if the night were in the teens  so we don’t think the duration of intense cold was enough to freeze everything underground  

Our repeat client has had a bucket load of family issues. So for her the fall season slipped away from her radar. But…. Steady-Edfie, moi’ is going to her house this morning to dig up 200 Daffodil bulbs from years of being covered by deep dirt and mulch. Ha! They might just bloom this spring if we can dig them up and bring them more to the surface. Cover with, and add some new soil…. plus spread them out in the generous bed she has.

VA winter weather can be unpredictable. 25 degrees one day and 65 the next. And although we are not quite that warm, we are going to complete this task. And some very well established “Iris” need to be moved as well. Total will be around 5 hours.

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Day 2

Please stay tuned for a final wrap up and a video with the bulbs planted. We are positioning them about only 5 inches deep, because we will add more mulch. It turns out our client divided them up into large (32), medium (90) and very small, over 100. We will find neighbors to give them too. Typically when bulbs are tiny they just have become so overcrowded in the bed,  and are so compact they are unable to produce. So all in all,  this “dig and divide” process was way overdue. We are hopefully going to see the 32 bulbs produce lovely blooms come spring, which is really not that far off. Oh what a blessing. We can’t wait!


(REVISED) Wed – 3:10 pm – 1/4

We promised a “final” video, so there you have it  32 latest bulbs spaced nicely in the bed and covered back up with the mulch that was originally covering the bed. I have  ordered  a 2 cu ft bag if the “black” Quail Ridge shredded mulch from the nursery in MD because supplies are low Post Christmas at the Alexandria location. It should be here Sat,  so we’ll spread in just in case we get a hard freeze in the remaining winter days. After all our hard work to recover the bulbs we surely don’t want to loose them …. and we must admit we are slightly out of sync with Mother Nature on this project.  But with a little luck and a prayer we will produce blooms come late March or early April. It was such a fun project and our homeowner admitted that first thing each morning, she goes right to her window to keep her eye out for any new “popping up.” from her little guys. Awesomeness!