We have a chill in the air and rain coming tonight  Soup for this week will be welcome. Chicken Noodle is a perfect one, so we are preparing the stock now. A family favorite and it makes about ten servings. Enough to freeze a few small containers for those days when you haven’t prepared anything for lunch or supper and it’s cold outside..
……… its a good thing to do!

Remove the meat after roasting two chickens. Separate white from dark meat; bag and reserve for the soup assembly.

Break up the chicken carcass of both chickens and place in a stock pot. Cover with boiling water. Set the heat on medium high. Add two celery stocks cut up in large chunks, three carrots and one whole onion, also all cut into chunks. Add fresh parsley/a half bunch. Use a pepper grinder to add flavor. Generous amount. We add salt also….but only after the broth has finished cooking, because the roasted chicken already has salt flavoring and you may not need more. We are conserving on salt intake, so each individual serving can add their own later to their taste. In general, over salting takes away from the true flavor of the real taste of many foods. And it’s a healthy option to add it later.

Once the broth comes to a generous boil, cover and reduce the heat to your lowest possible setting. Cover. Avoid taking the lid off as then it cools down. Simmering the broth on a low stove setting creates a very rich broth. Simmer about two hours. You want it to simmer not boil.

Once it’s finished set the pot aside to cool.

Later we’ll give further assembly instructions. So keep in touch with us.

It’s way worth it.  Trust us……


REVISED – 3/5/23 – Sunday Evening 

This part of the broth making is an extra step, but it’s way more healthy, and so we think it important to give you a rundown of the additional steps needed to complete the broth making.

Once everything has cooled to room temperature, pour the entire contents; vegetables/bones/ and broth into a fine sieve.  Let them drain over a bowl for about one hour. Then toss everything but the broth. After all, you have sufficiently cooked it enough to gather all the nutrients out of the contents, into your broth.  Put the reserved broth  in a sealed container overnight. The next day you will see a thin layer of chicken fat on the surface. It’s not totally unhealthy, but we prefer to remove it before using the broth. Discard it. You are now left with a rich, pure, very clear and very nutritious and flavor filled stock for many kinds of soup. No fat at all. And you should end up with about 16 ounces of pure chicken stock. Once you begin assembling your soup,  if you need additional broth we recommend you choose an organic highest quality store bought container broth. Our   process may seem a bit tedious, but when you eat your homemade soup,  you will certainly know that your time to follow these instructions, has produced broth of the highest taste and quality.  It will taste superb. Success….enjoy!

Contessa says…. It’s absolutely the best!