…. in silence now…. with Gods rays of sunshine, the smell of the coming of seasonal spring air, the new color of daylight, the tiny new buds I see on trees and bushes, the wind bringing a front of warmer air, and the sound of birds close by, as I am in mindful “Rest.” It’s my way of coming down to earth. Grounding myself….post winter.  Looking forward to a “new spring” with all of its promise. I calm my heart… my body my mind and my spirit and place myself in your everlasting arms of love.


My Father God…..I am in your presence and in your Holy Spirit. I am bathing in your cleansing of my sin…for I am sorry for having offended or forgotten thee. I am accepting your forgiveness. I accept new permissions from You to clasp on to a deeper spiritual renewal with You. Praise be to you my only Father God. I now humble myself in great gratitude for your forgiving and all nurturing grace. Thank you Jesus…..Amen

Psalm  46:10

”Be still and know that I am God.”