Yesterdays Sabbath Day reminds us that the holy season of Lent begins this week on Wednesday. Our Sunday post of reflection and prayer actually is a precursor to bring our head and our heart to the forty-day Holy Lenten journey.

Lent is a time of “spiritual” journey.  In spiritual rest yesterday we actually were preparing our mind and heart for a new state of being. The state of our Lent. We have put aside troubling thoughts, anxiousness, and centered our mind and our heart in Christ. We seek Lenten peace. We can read the psalms, read new prayers, and plan a time of day for a close reunion with God.  We can prepare a small Lenten Altar where we can light a candle and mentally settle in to a reverent and very close time of confession and prayer, and with our own special intention of being more sensitive to the sin in our own lives. 

These ritual preparations for Lent can become a tradition that helps us to rest our weary soul,  and it helps us to prepare for the joys of Easter.

On Wednesday we will traditionally receive “ashes” on our forehead as a symbol of our special day of reflection. The ashes symbolize our mortality – “Remember you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”

We trust and we hope you might take time out of your day to find a local house of worship where you too can receive holy “ashes.” And as you receive them, we pray that you can seek and choose to do the good Lords will for your life, at home and at your work. Think about the true good of others, above your own….during this traditional Lenten “ashes” reception ceremony. It is indeed a holy moment

Lenten blessings to all……