Where do we begin our Lenten journey? We are all subject to small rejections every day. Can we choose to be indifferent to these rejections. No one is exempt. We all encounter these hurtful experiences from others. It often comes day after day. Rejection from others often makes us feel left alone. And if we intake these rejections, sometimes resentment can creep into our heart. Perhaps we might feel depressed and left alone. Then we wonder why others inflict rejection on others. It’s unkind. Maybe these rejections can teach us that we can overcome. And maybe we can realize that this earth is not our final dwelling place. This world is a temporary place…while we are traveling on our journey to our sacred place, where God waits for us to be present in the palm of his hand. This is the deep mystery that only God loves us the way we desire to be loved. Perhaps God is rescuing us through teaching us how to overcome earthly rejection. God is providing his protection.


Dear Father…. Help me today to ignore my selfish wants and needs. I seek to do your will. Remind me that some rejection can help me to remember that I can overcome…. and when I do, I am gaining strength to continue my earthly journey to seek and find your love and my final resting place with you. Keep me aware that my time here on earth is but a very temporary dwelling place,  and my coming to you will be my final resting place, where there will be no more rejection….only your everlasting love.