Heart of Courage

To have courage is to listen to your heart, to speak from your heart, and to act from your heart. Courage requires you to stand up for what you believe. It’s who you are. It’s our ability to say what we think, express our opinion, and show our stance, which comes from the center and core of our being. From the center of our being we realize how to respond to the situations we are in. It is courageous to think well of others, to be grateful for them. It’s courageous not to talk behind someone’s back, not to gossip, not to ridicule another. Courage is our inner essence.

“I have said this to you, so that you may have peace. In the world you face persecution. But take courage; I have conquered the world!

We encourage you to read and study John 16:29-33.


My Lord and my God, I cherish my God-given courage to be strong, resilient and determined to do what is right, rather than what is convenient. I pray that my courage which you give me, will be seen in small ways that will reflect my obedience to your commandments; help me to pass up any gossip or sarcasm, and help me to avoid placing any blame, or to scoot out of taking on responsibility. Teach me to speak wisely when appropriate. I wish to show true compassion and understanding of others. Father, I ask you to help me to be a person who has the courage of my convictions, and I thank you for true and heartfelt courage.

•• Amen ••