Life is a journey of preparation. All our lives we prepare to truly die for others. In an accumulation of little deaths throughout life, God is asking us to release our clinging tendency and need of others….to living for them. As we walk the journey from childhood to adolescence, to adulthood and finally to our old age, always we are offered ways to choose for ourselves, ultimately perhaps choosing for others. Questions come up; do I desire power or service, do I want to be seen, or to remain hidden; do I strive for success in the career I chose, or do I follow my vocation? In the final act of our life it is truly about the process of dying to self. This passage is where we will experience living in the “joy of God.”

Please read: Luke 12:42-48


My Father God,

As I walk through the journey of my life I too easily do what is wrong instead of right. But you always are there for me and I know that you love me even when I have sin in my heart. As I walk along through my life, please remind me to choose service over power, and a desire a true vacation to your Word, rather than a highly successful career. I pray for a hidden self in my service to others, and I pray to be my real self and experience a true sense of what is very real and not at all real. I now examine my conscience….and I pray right now….to choose to improve my actions and my thoughts with your help…..Oh’ My Savior God.


••  AMEN  ••