We’ve made a friend through gardening. It’s a lovely experience. That’s how it should be. Meet new folks, complete consecutive work assignments for them over two years time, and build a mutual friendship.

Our Ms. Peggy, homeowner, has recently introduced us to a friend of hers. He happens to be a real estate type who goes beyond the normal for his clients. Ms. Peggy told him that he ought to consider using our service to prep the gardens of one of his first listings for the spring season. He contracted with us, a set budget was established and we completed our work. His seller was very pleased with our contribution and he was as well. We hope to continue working with each other. Another new friendship. 

As a thank you to Ms. Peggy for referring us to him, we are working at her home today to do a spring tidy as a “comp”service for Ms. Peggy. And, by the time we departed today her connecting neighbor asked us to do a small tidy service for her, which we are scheduling for another day next week.

Our weather skies broke “open” today with lovely temps and amazing sunshine, so from 1 to 4 pm we “three” enjoyed some planning, some “in the dirt” work and lovely company  out in the two connecting yards. Fun, laughter and sharing gardening tips and ideas of “what to accomplish next.”
It cannot get any better than this. A super great day! 

We completed our Contessa Signature Service today and now Ms Peggy’s Nest is ready for spring.

Contessa” says……it’s all very good!