Acknowledge God’s Love

Gods Love is not earned, but freely given. Does this inspire you to think and contemplate on Gods perfect kind of love? He decided to love us in his complete freedom. His choice, His decision. If you think about this and reflect on it deeply, it can totally have an influence and change your whole life. How can our humanness fathom this, when as earthly people we think that we have to do something nice, so that we can be loved by others. We think being loved by others is something we have to earn. We find it hard to believe we can get something for nothing.


Read: Luke 6:27-31

Dear God….you are most high. Please take me back into your love that I can never earn. I confess my sin and my shortcomings. Your forever forgiveness is undeserved by me. I know in my heart that your love is unconditional. But my human nature always thinks that others will only love me if I  act as if I love them. I am in awe of the love you give me that is boundless and can never be withdrawn. Father please give me your grace to accept this “love gift” from You.

•• AMEN ••