Descend in Imitation of Jesus

Can you give up the upper hand? Can you let let others go ahead of you? Will you step aside and give the credit to someone else?  Will you learn the lessons of suffering, but also the way to healing? Can you experience humiliation, but also proceed on a journey to resurrection?

This  is Jesus’ descending way of love, the way to the poor, the broken and the oppressed, but it becomes the ascending way to love, joy, peace and new life.  Our descending way is what each person experiences in his own heart. Slowly but intentionally, we each must take our descending way in order to open our ascending way, to bring us to the way Jesus fills our life with his joy, peace, love and our “new life” in imitation of Jesus.

Read: 1 Peter 4:12, 5:1-5


Dear Jesus….. help me find my way of descent ~ my way of humility, tears, of suffering and of being hidden.  I know that I must seek the lowly way of life in order to reach the heights of your eternal happiness. I seek your light and pray that it follows me and fills me all the days of my life.

• AMEN •