A new assignment and new relationship has transpired. We are working on a job for a realtor and his client/homeowner. And we were referred by one of our other very good clients. It’s good to know that this is how you build and grow your business. Helping others!

Our Day #1 – 3.0 hours.

Our property is going to be on the market very soon. Our homeowner has already relocated out of state. We were retained to clean things up, tidy the garden bed in front removing all crawling vines and trim anything growing out on to the sidewalk. Pansies were left for us to install. We did not have a water source, so limited tidying of the cement porch was all we could really accomplish. We planted the Pansies after cleaning everything up in the bed by the front door, tilled and leveled the garden bed and added one (1) 3 cu ft bag of shredded hardwood bark mulch. All porch items  were everywhere as we had placed them aside to clean. Many items will be tossed, but we left things “as is” for the homeowner to either give away or toss, once she comes to do some work inside the unit over the next weekend. Her contribution to the goal.

It definitely looks better, and she is replacing her front glass door next week, as well as having the Condo Association painters come to freshen the white paint on the brick background wall and the door frame. Little by little it’s coming along.

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Day #2 – 5.0 hours

Bed clean up in the back patio area, narrow side bed, full of left over fall leaf debris was removed. Many left behind patio items to work around and clean up. Left side bed rubber border removed as it was bulging out of the dirt along the whole length of the wood deck. Very unattractive so we pulled it out. We then deep edged that bed after cleanup and added fresh mulch. Creating a drainage recess so mulch and rain would not escape from the bed on to the deck.

Many of our PFX residents use large stones that they have collected to create borders. We really discourage this because when the community gardeners come to clean up they cannot possibly remove all the leaf debris and the weeds that bury themselves in these rock borders. It’s so much better to create deep edges on the beds, in terms of a clean and more tidy look. But the back yard has a ton of these stones that were most luckily laid by PFX maintenance team members and so clearing and cleaning it all out, took a great deal of time.

We had contracted to complete ten hours for this project,  but at the end of our five hour day, it became clear that more work needed to be completed. So we came back for day#3 and finished up the project at 12.5 hours.

Our homeowner was pleased. Our real estate professional was pleased and on the 26th of March the property “Open House” will take place.

We trust everything will go well. Additionally, as an add-on we agreed to come the morning of the Open House and do a sweep of the property just to make sure it’s “show worthy.”

”Contessa” says…. It’s a very good thing!