Count your blessings. It sounds so simple. They come along every day. After one year, you have so many but in our modern lifestyles we are often so busy we have forgotten how blessed we really are. I urge you to create and nurture presence. This presence means paying particular attention to notice that you are being blessed. It’s not easy for busy people to even receive a blessing, like a kind word from another, because we must stop, listen, pay attention and “receive” gracefully what is offered to us. Take time to really notice how you are being blessed.

Read: 3:17-21


Father, my great God, help me see and to experience each blessing you bestow on me. Our creation and the lives of others in my life are your glory at work. You bring blessings into all our lives. May I notice the moon and it’s evening light, the harvest season with plentiful fruits and vegetables, the fluffy clouds up in your most blue sky. Your blessings are always there for me. Father, I pray you will help me to slow down, and help me to show my gratitude through daily prayer. I ask for true reverence for all the many wonderful blessings that you provide. I thank you for every single moment that you have given me and I am grateful for all your gifts. 


• AMEN •