Do you want to have a real spiritual life? Then right here and right now….live your life in the experience of your “pains and your joys.” Take a close look at how you Think, Feel and Act. In that process of really looking…..you will find that you will become fully aware of your hunger for the spirit. Inside  each of us is an inner feeling of discomfort with how we live in “the now.” We all should each take a look at how we are truly living our lives. It’s time to get real. Be honest with yourself. Have the courage to confront yourself about how you are living your life. Trust yourself that your honesty and courage will lead you, not to a loss of hope, but to a new heaven and a new earth.

Read: Matthew 7:25-27, 32-35


My Father God, I wish to chase away my sadness and any worry….with your gift of Grace. I want to put away boredom and doubt, and with swift action I call out to you now, to infuse your Grace into my soul. Help me to be honest with myself and to put my childish and untrue games away, so that I may reach up with my true heart for your kingdom, Oh’ my God…I cry out to you now. I seek your loving care.