Sunday morning … and giving our plants some tender loving care. In reality this task feeds our psyche and provides a mental rest, calm and peace for our soul. Plants are so grounding. We planted lettuce seeds about ten days ago and they are coming up in our window box. We need to thin out the seedlings today.

Our sched has been brisk lately and so a little break today is more than welcome. Maybe we will prepare a small supper and enjoy a little reading in between beginning to clear out some books and things we no longer need.

All in all…our goal is a simple day. Just relaxing and small tasks. We’ve a full week ahead with two jobs. One on Monday and Tuesday; a new couple who have been communicating with us by txt, and who have been following all our instructions to be fully ready for us once we arrive. And our second project will be Wed through Friday for one of our repeat and very good customers. So far two new beautiful yellow, full bud rose bushes. Both projects are going to be good ones. Looking forward to them. 

We are going to have some rain this week so if you are a gardener, it’s a perfect time for planting. The rain is predicted to be seasonal, but light, and so if you are inclined to be out there in your garden….it should be a pleasant experience. Soft, teeming rain is perfect for gardening tasks. And rain reminds us how important moisture is for the beauty of our world. Our spring season is still stretching her “roots.” While you are out tending your gardens we encourage you to listen for….. and observe our birds and creatures in nature. They will bring you good cheer, if you let them into your world.  

We trust you will renew your spirit today as well.

Contessa” says……it’s sooo very important!