Greetings and Salutations…..from “Contessa

May has been a busy time in your gardens as you can all imagine. We are so pleased to see all our regular ongoing clients (3 to 5 years) and some “newbies.” And this year we are pleased to once again serve our Fairlington neighbors.

It’s interesting that with Memorial Day weekend coming up several of you have realized it’s time to get the patios and garden beds cleaned up and do some planting. And we are having more plant selection appointments this year.

This is our official “heads up” notification. We are booked from now until early June. Do not be overly concerned about being behind on planting and cleanup. As we have had a fairly cool May, you still have time. We are going to take appointments NOW, for the first week in June.

On June 1st our ongoing regular clients are soon to transition into our “summer maintenance service” which provides regular visits by us to their properties for a determined set fee. Certainly be in touch with us personally if you have any interest in knowing more about this service.

All new appts will be added to our calendar for June starting TODAY. So fair warning; now is the time to reserve your June visits.

We want very much to serve all of you well, so please plan ahead. We thank you for your continued patronage and we are looking forward to a fantastic summer season. 

Contessa” says….. it’s all very good!