Oh Come…..

Jesus, please come and enter my/our souls this “mornings light.”

We are present, We are waiting for you. We are open to receive you.

We need your everlasting love right now.

We need your strength and your understanding.

Thank you for being our protector and our refuge.

We now offer you our adoration and praise.

Holy God hear my/our prayer

Oh come Jesus…,Come!




All Glory to God

Glory to God in the highest,

peace to his people on earth.
Lord God, heavenly King,
almighty God and Father,
we worship you, we give you thanks,
we praise you for your glory.
Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Father,
Lord God, Lamb of God,
you take away the sin of the world:
have mercy on us;
receive our prayer.
For you alone are the Holy One,
you alone are the Lord,
you alone are the Most High,
Jesus Christ,
with the Holy Spirit,
in the glory of God the Father.

• AMEN •

The General’s House – spring gardening tomorrow at this property (REVISED) Wednesday – 5/18 – 11:18 am –

Your kind attention please!

When we first visited this property it was way overgrown from continuous change over of tenants and an owner who was on continuous travel with the Air Force. We were tasked with removing everything, saving what we could, amending the soil, and cultivating a new green space that could be low maintenance but attractive. Here was where we started this Project a year ago, late summer.  Certainly quite a transformation. Agreed?

And today we are here…..and ready to roll again. Our pleasure for certain.   A beautiful gardening day!


Today we accomplished a spring clean/up, some transplanting, removing weeds and cutting back,


Today we accomplished a general tidy and spring cleanup,  weeds were everywhere; no wonder with all the rain and wind we have had. We transplanted, trimmed back the woody stalks of the Hydrangea that we cut back last year in late fall. We have bern tasked to provide ongoing maintenance weekly and plant some new spring flowers.  It’s a nicely established bed now so our continued involvement will help keep it presentable. We have arranged to bill by the month and we will include watering during July and August. We will provide updates as we go along.


Tomorrow we return to do some additional spring maintenance. The weeds have been growing, the  Winter Pansies need changing out and we will attend to the Hydrangea that we took a chance on last year, when we completely cleared this bed and cut it back to about fifteen inches. The dead stalks can be cut back now, because lots of new green growth, nearer to dirt has come back. We took a chance and cut it way back in the fall. We heard neighbors expressing horror at our plan. “Chance” can be hard. But it’s showing great promise and within a couple years time itceill be thriving once again. The homeowner had given us permission and said if it died he’d replace it. It was a monster and was so overgrown it wasn’t really producing any blooms.  And the burgundy Peony came back with amazing gusto as did both Azalea bushes. We will pull weeds and add a summer annual for color in the bed, a few pockets  here and there. A fresh summer look. 

This property is a good example of our particular gardening style and our business motto, to care for and cultivate a garden…. and a trusting client all at the same time

Last fall late, we met our client in a quick 20 minute meeting outside his unit. He literally was headed to Texas on assignment in an hour. We made a deal, he provided a $200 deposit and left town. He provided instructions on clearing the entire bed, saving what we could, and we did proceed.  One month later we billed him, payment was mailed to us and the deal was completed.  Sort of….

In FEB we went by to see how things were looking. Clearly the beds needed some spring attention. We txt’d him on Friday last week, with  a proposal. We heard from him immediately and tomorrow  we will execute.  Trust was built.  And a new job will be completed.  It is so rewarding to keep and follow a clients yard, For us, this is what it’s all about.  Good work and a trusting client that we will follow.

Do stay tuned with us as we will post progress and final video….as this spring project unfolds.

This is a win….win for us….and our client.

”Contessa” says….. it’s a good thing

The “ General” was in town from Texas this week and we encouraged him to retain us for a couple hours (2) of “spring tidy.” The above bushes were left in the beds after a huge clean up last summer. Everything came back very well, but the beds needed a little spring attention. It’s now looking clean and fresh again. We invoiced him via txt for two hours work this  afternoon. We’ll check back, in about four weeks just to make sure all is well.

Our distinct pleasure to take care of a rental property for our out-of-state homeowner.

CONTESSA” says…..it’s a good thing!

Protecting Your Gardening Tools

Hello Gardening Friends:

I have offered this informative post prior, a couple of times, but if you prepare this helpful idea now you can use it throughout your gardening season. My sweetheart….. reminds me that folks often forget things I have posted,  and sometimes a refresher is helpful. He helps keep me on target, and he often sees things from the perspective of……a client.  I can get so caught up in execution I forget to offer tips on basics.  I hope occasional reposts are helpful for all of you.

I will begin posting some helpful reminders of projects I work on and perhaps they will inspire you to do the same,  After all…. a gardener is perpetually thinking about “spring” so keep your mind focused and satisfy your own indoor boredom with your spring ideas. It can’t hurt and it gives you a head start on things you want to accomplish for your new gardening season – 2022.

Check in with me each day this week. I’ll post my ideas for spring gardening prep. Feel free to call or txt me if you have ideas you’d like to share, and with your permission I can post them here. I often get in conversations with my gardening folk and comparing notes is so fun. Love to hear from you.

We are accepting appointments for next week now. 703-548-1882



What You’ll Need

Begin with  a simple terra cotta pot. The aluminum one I used is about 14 inches in diameter.

Paint it a pretty color if you’re feeling fancy.

Next, working in a large bowl or bucket, mix together enough sand to fill your pot with some mineral oil. You want to use enough oil so that your sand is fairly evenly coated. It should stick together but still have a “crumbly-ish” texture. Place your favourite hand tools down into the sand when you’re done with them.  Each time  they’ll get a little sharper (kind of like when you use sand paper to sharpen kitchen scissors) and they’ll be coated in just enough oil to keep them rust free! It’s magic.

For those of you with a tool collection that is smaller, a terra cotta flower pot will do the trick. It’s heavy enough not to tip over and can easily sit right near your front door –  indoors without getting in the way.  And the habit uf taking care of your tools will become second nature “it’s a good thing.”

I Pray…..Let My Light Shine


Good Morning Heavenly Father, I give you thanks for the blessings of awakening to a new Monday morning. I’ve a new week ahead and I humbly pray you will walk beside me as I open the challenges for today and of this week. I will take it one day at a time, and I give You my week.

Father, Give me new strength. May I walk in total faith along with you all the days of this new week. Send me your angels to guard over me as I work in your gardens, and as I honor you with your divine purpose for me. Bless all that I lay my hands on and the lives of those I will visit.

My Father God I ask for a calm spirit as I practice and prepare for my new Yoga class. I hope to share my spirit through You, with those who attend my class.

I thank you now for all my many blessings. I give You all my honor this morning with praises and thanksgiving. Amen