Heavenly Father…..enjoying rest


Good Morning, my Lord and my God,

Today I seek your rest. When I want to rest and seek rest, I know it is time to be renewed and relax. Time to be with You Lord in body, mind and spirit. Time to read, to meditate and to “let go.”  I am trusting, and I surrender. I am ready to receive your blessings. I wish to receive your holy, precious and sacred rest. I await your complete rest…..I now close my eyes and still my body, my mind and my soul in Your Peace.  Thank you Father for “Rest.”  Amen


Brunnera is magical. The tiniest of brilliant blue blossoms are perfectly displayed with a background of medium sized, but plentiful, light green vein leaves. If you walk along a path where it grows, it is so distinct you cannot miss it. It’s a perennial, amazingly hardy and we think it’s just beautiful. It looks delicate, but it fools you. Our photo doesn’t really do it justice. If you see it, you will be quite taken with its colors and texture. We love it.

Thank You, my Lord Jesus

My dearest Lord. Thank you for giving me peace in my heart, my body, my soul and my mind. I waited patiently for my test results and with confidence knowing that you were with me and that I could accept my diagnosis as long as you were there holding me. I let my worry, fear and doubt free, as I silently called your name. Thank you for your favor on the eyes of the Doctors who examined my films. I put my total trust and faith in you. You are the miracle worker. Jesus, my Lord and my God, thank you for all your blessings on me. You are the miracle worker. I honor you this day. Be with me as I make right decisions about my health and my body. I know I have one temple and that I must take care of it well, as my offering to you, for giving me a clean bill of health. Amen.


My Holy Spirit Prayer

Good Morning my God, I am full of hope in the power of your Holy Spirit.  Fill me this new day with all your joy and peace as I believe in You. Oh Holy Spirit, empower my life today to overflow with Your fruits of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. May I speak of your wonderful love to all I meet. I give you my actions and my voice so that I will glorify only you. Amen.


Sunflowers make my day….

I love Sunflowers. They are simply a happy flower. They grow quickly. The grow tall trying to reach for  the sun. And they attract birds. So they are for us a “twofer.”  How lucky are we. Today I am going to plant some.

Good Morning my gracious Lord. I have a brand new day. With this new day, I know I have a wonderful opportunity to experience Your love and enjoy You forever. Do not allow me to become “used to this,” but let me have a great desire to grow in Your love and grace. Fill my life with the joy of Your Spirit and let me grow tall and strong in You, through Christ, my Lord. Amen.


after the storm……morning!!

Morning is coming

June 9

“Where can I go from Your Spirit, or where can I flee from your presence?”
-Psalm 139:7

When a storm hits, it will reveal whether your life is built on a solid foundation or on sand. Storms give us an opportunity to honor God in a better way than at any other time. We don’t invite storms, but we can face them because we know that God’s grace will be sufficient.

One night, a little girl became frightened because a terrible storm with lightning and strong winds was keeping her awake. The next morning, at the breakfast table, she asked her father, “Where was God last night in the middle of that storm?” Before her dad could answer her, she said, “I think I know. I think He was busy making a morning.” In the worst of life’s storms, we too can be confident that God is making a morning.


my humble prayer…..

Good morning God, you are the great Healer. Tests today will require results. I ask in the Name of Jesus that I receive a positive report. You know that I have been leaning in and on You for full and complete direction and healing, and I am standing on Your Word. I always look to You in hope and love.  I will wait for results to be set free. Thank you Jesus for my full and blessed life. I give you all that I am and all that I hope to be for You. Amen


My dear Lord….


Thank you my Lord for this lovely day. There was bright sun, but oh’ the breeze that came with it was so welcome. I worked in shade today and I continued to clear my assigned garden bed of Ivy. Each day I get closer. to its completion. And so It is with you and me. I belong to you and you are working on and inside of me. Your spirit lives inside me, and  I know you are trying to make me more like you every day. I will continue to clear my garden bed and you will continue to bring me closer to completion, as I work towards your true glory in heaven. Thank you my Lord for this……your promise. Amen.

My Sunday Prayer Song

This is my Father’s world, and to my listening ears, all nature sings and round me rings the music of the spheres. 

This is my Father’s world, I rest me in the thought, of rocks and trees, of lakes and seas, His hand the wonders wrought,

This is my Father’s world, O let me ne’re forget that though the wrong seems oft so strong, God is the ruler yet.

This is my Father’s world, why should my heart be sad?  The Lord is King; let the heavens ring! God reigns, let the earth be glad!