Stone Patio/Paver Clean- Up

How do you clean weeds and unwanted growth (such as dandelions) from in between your stones/pavers.

Prepare a solution of :

1 gallon of white vinegar

2 tbsps Dawn Detergent

1 cup of salt

Mix very well in a bucket. Our advice is to use a plastic water bottle to pour it between the stones. Be generous. Apply on a very sunny and dry day. Preferably with no rain arriving the next day. You may need to apply twice, but it definitely does the trick. And it’s safe. Even helps with unwanted mossy and slippery areas. It’s easy and quick.

The Garden Contessa


Reviving/Creating Weed Free Beds

Our current gardening project required some work in our clients “garden beds.”  This client likes leaving the late Fall leaves in their beds. They like to encourage a habitat for bugs, crawling creatures, larvae and in general, providing a blanket for these species. It’s a great idea actually if you can deal with looking at very full leafy beds all winter. But in the spring with all the wind and rain your yard and your beds start producing WEEDS. Impossible to get at them under all the winter “cover.”  So they hired me to clean up the yard and the beds.

So here’s my recipe for weed free beds:

Collect black and white newspaper. Quite a lot actually.  Purchase ordinary topsoil, about $3.00 per bag.  Then rake and weed your beds. Now place the newspaper down, a couple pieces thick. Then cover the newspaper with a generous amount of topsoil. One inch thick if you have enough. Press down with your garden goulashes. Wait two weeks. Magically the carbon in the newspaper combined with the deep dark and organic rich topsoil will give you new beds/ with no weeds, and no new weeds for a very long time. And when you go to plant or dig it’s magic. You will discover that there are no new weeds at all, and your newspaper has disappeared. 

Questions?  Please do-call us. It’s plain and it’s very simple. It just works. And you have used no harmful weed killer.  It’s economical and eco/friendly.   

Happy Weed Killing!!!!

Penny,  The Garden Contessa